• What happens during a Swedish massage?

    A Swedish massage is one of the most common types of treatments for you to receive when you head to a local Toledo spa and ask for a massage. That’s because it is well-known for producing top-notch results and making you feel amazing. Not only is this type of Toledo massage relaxing, but it helps reduce muscle pain and tension dramatically. Going for a massage will help you feel better on a daily basis, but it’s hard to determine why that is without actually sitting down and thinking about what you get from a Swedish massage. A top-notch Swedish massage makes you feel relaxed, loosens your muscles and cuts tension out. Read on to learn what makes up a Swedish massage and what happens when you get one.

    Oiled Muscles
    The first step to any Swedish therapeutic massage in Toledo is to apply oil to the different muscles that will be massaged. A light oil is used to reduce friction and to help pressure be applied more evenly during treatment. Most Toledo spa locations make use of a scent-free oil that’s applied in a very thin layer. It’s often warmed, and meant to increase the total level of relaxation that a person experiences during a session. Swedish therapeutic massage in Toledo is an investment in relaxation and oil is key to that goal.

    Muscle Strokes and Kneading
    After the oil is applied the next step to your Toledo massage is light muscle strokes followed by a deep kneading. Typically, therapists will apply light pressure in a gliding motion that pushes blood back to the heart. This is a deeply relaxing motion that helps improve blood flow while reducing the heart rate. It’s a very calming act, but also aids in enhanced muscle repair and flexibility. After going through a series of light strokes the therapist moves to a deep kneading motion that works the inner muscles and loosens things up effectively. During the Toledo massage the toxins will actually be pushed out of the muscles, leaving them feeling looser, less sore, and more relaxed and comfortable overall.

    Personalized Treatment of Problem Areas
    While getting a Toledo massage you’ll enjoy personalized treatment for specific problem areas that you are suffering from. For instance, if you have sore calf muscles for doing a particularly brutal leg workout earlier in the week, the massage therapist can focus on those areas. Before you begin your Swedish therapeutic massage in Toledo, you’ll be asked about problem areas and any special attention that’s needed. Each massage is customized to the person receiving it to make it as beneficial as possible. That’s one of the key benefits of a Swedish massage. Get the help that you need specifically and enjoy all the benefits of a good custom rub down.

    A Swedish therapeutic massage in Toledo is a specialized bit of therapy that’s good for sore muscles, relaxation and just for improving your day overall. It will literally melt away your stress and leave you feeling better overall. There’s a reason so many people swear by the Swedish massage, and most of that is because of how beneficial it is to your healing and rejuvenation as well as how relaxing it is. Head to a local Toledo spa for a massage for yourself, or give it as a gift to a loved one and improve their day as well.
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