• Massage Types - Understanding the Possible Health Benefits

    "The biggest wealth is health" stated the Roman poet Virgil".

    But are we really able to keep ourselves healthy in this modern, busy era? Most of us will have some or minor problems or another, like stress, headache, or restlessness, but we ignore them or take frequent pills, which leads to major problems later. Why ignore these issues? Consider massage therapy to support good health.

    Massage is the art of working and acting on the body with pressure. It originated around 1,500 B.C. Modern methods of massage include massaging devices to augment the blissful calm massage therapy provides. Massage therapists not only offer relaxation, but also support good health.

    Full body massage, Swedish therapeutic massage, prenatal massage therapy, deep tissue massage, and sports injury massage therapy toledo are the major types of massage therapy offered in Toledo.

    1. Full body massage - Full body massage is also known as "head to toe" massage. Full body massage is a deeply relaxing massage that also helps to minimize muscle pain, ease spasms, minimize chronic pain of injuries, and reduce the effects of surgery. Massage therapy increases flexibility and improves immune system function.

    2. Swedish therapeutic massage – If you never have received a massage, then go for Swedish therapeutic massage toledo. Swedish therapeutic massage not only gives you heavenly relaxation, but supports an enhanced sleep cycle, improved blood circulation and decreased muscle pain. The therapists use long, smooth, kneading strokes and circular movements on the outer part of muscle. Usually, oil or lotion is used to improve the smoothness of the strokes.

    3. Prenatal massage therapy - Prenatal massage therapy helps pregnant women in managing the discomforts caused by pregnancy, such as headaches, leg cramps, backaches, stiff necks, and edema (swelling). Prenatal massage therapy provides safe, effective relief for many women, though each client should discuss prenatal massage therapy with her OB-GYN in advance.

    4. Deep tissue massage - Deep tissue massage focuses on mainly connective tissues and deeper layers of muscles. Deep tissue massage helps in recovering from certain types of internal muscle injuries, postural problems and repetitive motion injuries. In deep tissue massage, slower strokes and different friction techniques are involved.

    5. Sports injury massage therapy - Sports injury massage therapy is mainly designed for very active people who are often involved in physical activities. Sports injury massage therapy mainly aimed at preventing and relieving pain from injury. Sports injury massage therapy may also intensify the sports person’s performance. Here, the combination of many techniques is used, such as facilitated stretching, circular motions, and moving joints through a full range of motion. How sports injury massage therapy is used depends on the athlete's choice and the overused and stressed parts.

    The above massage types are in great demand in Toledo, along with many other types of massage therapies like aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage, and Thai massage.
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