• How often should you get a European facial treatment?

    A European facial is a good way to maintain the health of your face and for improve your overall complexion. Whether you are trying to get rid of annoyances like acne, or you just want to look your best, it makes sense to get a facial regularly. But how regularly should you head in to our spa in Toledo? That’s an important question that many experts get regularly, and it’s something you should know the answer to if you get facials. The truth is, it depends. There are general rules to follow, but you need to consider your unique situation before making a decision. Read on to learn exactly how often you should get a facial at our Toledo massage spa.

    Visit our spa in Toledo monthly
    The face is a natural living organism and it takes about 30 days for the skin cells to move outward from the inner layers. For that reason, it makes sense to visit our spa in Toledo about once a month. If you head in for a European facial treatment in Toledo about that often, you’ll maintain youthful looking skin and avoid getting more treatments than necessary. This is the optimal interval for maintaining the best possible skin health and for achieving the top results from treatment at our Toledo massage spa.

    Consider more frequent treatment for oily skin
    If you suffer from acne or oily skin, visiting our spa in Toledo more frequently than once a month makes sense. You’ll need several facials to get your skin under control and to obtain a healthy complexion. You should probably consider heading in to our local spa for a European facial treatment about twice a month for a few months until your complexion begins to improve.

    Listen to your esthetician
    There are general rules of thumb when it comes to European facial treatment in Toledo, but no rule is going to be right for everyone. That’s why it’s best to visit our Toledo massage spa with a trained esthetician and find out exactly how often you should be treated. Only after seeing a trained professional will you know how often you should have facials. If you have dry skin, you may benefit by spacing out your visits more or you may need to come in more frequently. It all depends. Visit our professional Toledo massage spa near you and get a professional opinion to make sure you are making the right decisions. Give our spa in Toledo a call if you want to learn more about European facial treatments and other services we provide.
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