• How Often Should I Get a Massage?


    Some of our clients ask how often they should be getting a massage.  Here at Massage Green Spa Toledo we’d probably answer, “As often as you can!” A therapeutic massage feels great, has a long list of health benefits, and is recognized to be an important, if not critical, component of a complete health and wellness regimen – right up there with regular exercise and eating right.  That said, the recognized minimum frequency for a therapeutic massage is once a month. But there are any number of conditions that can benefit greatly from greater frequency. 

    Let’s say you haven’t exercised in a long time, maybe years, and because of weakness of the abdominal muscles your lower back keeps going out. You’re in such pain that even though you should get back to the gym, there’s no way you can tolerate a workout – just too hard and painful. To help relax the muscles so that they release the spasm, you could take an over the counter anti-inflammatory such as asperin along with alternating heat and ice on the affected area.  Add to that a 60-90 minute deep tissue massage focusing on the affected area 2-3 times a week and I’m confident that in a short time your back will relax enough so that you can get back to strengthening those abs.

    Obviously, massage isn't free so one key to frequency is finding a high quality but affordable massage spa.  Massage Green Spa Toledo offers an introductory therapeutic massage for just $39.95 and our basic monthly wellness plan, which entitles you to one massage a month, is just $49.95, with additional massages in that month available for just $39.95. We also have affordable packages that include our incredibly powerful full spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy. Infrared Sauna is great for reducing pain and inflammation, lowering blood pressure, improving circulation and promoting weight loss. In fact clinical studies show that you can burn up to 600 calories in just 30-minutes while watching Netflix or listening to music in one of our private, individual Infrared Sauna booths.

    Call Massage Green Spa Toledo now at (419) 930-0609 to book your introductory therapeutic massage and infrared sauna session.

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