• Are massages safe for pregnant women

    Getting a massage at a Toledo spa is one of the best ways to relax and relieve tension. It’s a proven method for stress relief and more and more people are beginning to consider a Toledo massage the perfect method for relaxing. Since pregnancy is naturally stressful, tiring, and causes body aches, it seems like one of the best times to go out and get a Toledo massage, but are massages safe while pregnant? This is a question that we get all the time from pregnant women, and we’re happy to say that it is. Massage Green Spa offers prenatal massage therapy in Toledo.

    The Second and Third Trimesters are the Best Times for Massage
    As a pregnant woman interested in getting prenatal massage therapy in Toledo we encourage you to come in and to get some much needed relaxation. However, it’s recommended to wait until after the first trimester to visit a Toledo spa. During the first 12 weeks of pregnancy there is an increased risk of miscarriage. For that reason many Toledo massage locations will refuse pregnant women until they are farther along. It is relatively safe to get prenatal massage therapy in Toledo during the first trimester, but it’s even safer to get a Toledo massage later on during the stages of pregnancy. We recommend that you wait until later on in your term to seek prenatal massage therapy in Toledo.

    Get a Pregnancy Friendly Toledo Massage
    There are some Toledo spa locations that simply don’t know how to work on pregnant women. This means that the Toledo massage could potentially be uncomfortable or unhealthy. It’s best to go to a Toledo spa location that is experienced treating pregnant women like Massage Green Spa. This Toledo spa offers experienced professionals in prenatal massage therapy in Toledo. These professionals will know how to make you feel relaxed and give you a healthy massage that is safe for you and your baby.

    Enjoy the Benefits
    As a pregnant woman getting treated in a Toledo massage spa, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits. By going to a Toledo spa regularly you’ll reduce your stress and anxiety. You’ll feel better and be happier in general. Not only that, but studies show that regular massage can actually decrease labor times. So not only will your prenatal massage therapy in Toledo make you feel good, but it could help improve your labor and delivery if you get treated later in your pregnancy. Visit Massage Green Spa for prenatal massage therapy toledo. It will make you feel better and is perfectly safe for pregnant women.
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