$59 Facial Toledo, OH

Introductory 1-hr European Facial – $49.95

Is it really possible to get a 1-hour European facial from a licensed esthetician in a beautiful and luxurious spa for just $59.95? At Massage Green Spa Toledo you can!  Massage Green Spa Toledo is not only the finest, most affordable therapeutic and deep tissue massage spa in Toledo and Sylvania, we offer a full menu of spa services including relaxing and rejuvenating European Facials.

Pollution, stress and age rob our facial skin of moisture, color and elasticity. The result is a face that looks patchy, grey, dry, wrinkled or older than it should. While these effects are a normal part of the aging process, exposure to environmental pollution, and our high stress lifestyles, you can do something to not only stop the process but even reverse it. A European facial from one of our licensed estheticians cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion. Just one facial treatment will improve the look, feel, and health of your skin – you’ll look years younger in just 60-minutes.

Benefits of a European facial provided by Massage Green Spa Toledo include:

  • We use only IMAGE skin care products

  • Detoxifies the skin for better circulation

  • Relaxes tension in the face and reduces the onset of headaches between the eyes

  • Stimulates cellular renewal

  • Reduces fine lines and age spots

  • Clear up blemishes including black heads, whiteheads and pimples

  • Re-hydrates the skin for a rejuvenated, youthful look to your face

Call the spa now at (419) 930-0609 to make your appointment for an introductory European facial for just $59.95.  Combine it with a 1-hour full body introductory massage for $49.95 or a 40-minute full spectrum infrared sauna therapy session for $19.95 and you'll be treating yourself to a powerful health & wellness get-away at a price anyone can afford.  Or get all three for just $109.95. That's a $20 savings for 3 hours of health & wellness for less than the cost of a therapeutic massage anywhere else in Toledo or Sylvania. 

Your European Facial at Massage Green Spa Toledo starts with a deep cleansing to remove makeup and surface impurities. This is a critical first step to healthy skin as most people don’t have the time or the proper cleansers to really clean their face thoroughly. Next we gently exfoliate the skin with a fine abrasive scrub to remove dead skin cells. These first two steps begin the process of skin cell turnover – something that can’t happen when the skin is covered in layers of make-up, surface dirt, and dead skin cells.

Next, your pores are deep cleaned using light steam. The moist heat opens up the pores and stimulates the facial sweat glands to push out impurities lying deep below the surface of the skin. At this point in your facial you may choose to add a fruit enzyme treatment. There are a number to choose from including grapefruit, raspberry-peach, coconut-papaya, and many others and each has its own unique beneficial properties. Some add to the exfoliation process, others promote soothing and add firmness, and all fill the air with their delicious fruit scent, further enhancing your facial experience.

The next step is extraction. Your Massage Green Spa esthetician will use a gentle pinching action to extract blackheads, whiteheads and other harder impurities imbedded in the pores. While this process can leave the skin slightly red for a few hours, it soon goes away and is an important step in the rejuvenation process. Extractions are followed with disinfection and then a soothing and antiseptic ampoule is applied to hasten your skin’s recovery from the procedure.

After the slight discomfort of the extraction phase, it’s the perfect time for a face, neck, and shoulder massage. Our estheticians carry a dual-license so they are experts at delivering a short relaxing massage. This combined with the knowledge that you’re doing something so beneficial to your health and wellness will promote a deep sense of calm and well-being. After the massage, a mask is applied appropriate to your skin type and condition. Finally, a moisturizer with sunblock is applied. Your European facial will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to greet the world with a healthy, glowing complexion.

Call Massage Green Spa Toledo today at (419) 930-0609 to make an appointment for a one-hour introductory European Facial from one of our licensed estheticians for just $59.95.  We also offer introductory 1-hour Full Body Therapeutic Massage for just $49.95 or an introductory 40-minute Full-spectrum Infrared Therapy session for just $19.95.  Or try all three for just $109.95.  That's a $20 savings on nearly 3 hours of luxurious health & wellness for the price of just a massage at most other Toledo therapeutic massage spas.  It's why we say a visit to Massage Green Spa Toledo is The Luxury Everyone Can Afford!